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Visual Assets

We as a Coop see ourselves as cooperative and passionate and, above all, professional. We also want to be reliable, innovative and leaders in our field for our partners and stakeholders. We are quietly competent, with an eye for quality & efficiency.


documents for business development, enterprise (reports, special decks etc)

documents for a general (unspecified) audience

documents for related to Social Media and community


Use black logo on white backgrounds and white logo on black backgrounds.

The Index logo is based on 2 parts - the stylized head of an owl and the word Index. It should always be clearly  and have enough space for other elements.

Use full logo
Use full logo if enough space
Use owl face if not enough space
Use full logo if enough space
Use logo with good contrast to background
Low contrast, difficult to recognize


Index Coop has colorful accents on neutral and dark base tones, which hint to its personality. Its range of color accounts represents the wide diversity of its community and products. Yellow and red tones: warm, welcoming, active community. Purple: agility, dynamism and a bit of mystique. And, blue and green: commitment, organization.

IC-moroccan blue

Use primaries for highlighting aspects and secondaries for backgrounds or other big spaces. Use black for text or elements on colors or on white. And white for general backgrounds and or text with primaries as background.

Colors -  Range Of Use Cases

less color, a lot of black, no mascot, only monochrome index logo

use colors where needed and if reasonable mascot, pictures, graphics, pictograms

use colors and mascot, no big pictures, but graphics, icons etc.

documents for business development, enterprise (reports, special decks etc)

documents for a general (unspecified) audience

documents for related to Social Media and community

Font & Writing

Plex is the Index Coop font. It was once designed for IBM. These are the main features:

It is freely available to all, just like DeFi.

It offers 8 weights and different styles like Sans, Serif in Roman and Italic and Mono.

All european languages are supported (extented latin) and furthermore font systems like Hebrew, Thai, Devanagari, Arabic, Korean, Cyrillic, Greek.

Furthermore the font is under constant development.

But the most important thing is the look. IBM Plex tries to combine many features that we also share as a DAO. It tries to be a medium between people and machines, between the natural and the engineered. The emotional and rational. The classic and the cutting-edge. It has an outstanding functionality and a cultivated appearance.

Text Formatting

Use the Sans as standard font style. Use weights like bold or italic to highlight.

For longer texts you can also use serif font style. It is better for reading like you know form books or magazines. You can also use Mono if quote code.

Writing & Languages

English is the second language for many international users. Therefore, there will probably be a stronger acclimation to US-American English. Therefore one should orient oneself by this. So our international users can find their way around equally well.

You can also download the Plex font for different writing systems.

IBM Plex can be freely used for any purpose. It is already integrated in many systems. For example, in Google Workplace, Adobe Creative Suite, Figma or Canva.

You can also download the latest version at Github

It is also available on Adobe Fonts and Google Fonts.

For further information, please visit


Index Coop



DeFi Pulse Index



Metaverse Index



BTC 2x Flexible
Leverage Index



ETH 2x Flexible
Leverage Index



Bankless BED



The token design is the responsibility of the methodologists. It is therefore always to be weighed up in which context individual or several products are represented.

An example: An online advertising banner for DPI, should use the color & language of DPI, since the product itself is the focus here. Another example: A financial report of the Coop should reflect the identity of the Coop, since it is mainly about the Coop.


Cooper is our mascot and friendly, ever-present face to everything at The Index Coop. Warm and welcoming, he or she (we don’t know yet ;-) is the icon we rally behind, post all over the web, and - hopefully - feature in more and more brand content.

Watch out for a video featuring Cooper near you soon!

Consult Coop #design

Lastly - this is a cooperative endeavor. We succeed together.

There’s a group of designers in Coop Discord #design who can help your index find or improve it’s visual face.

Reach out, we are here to help.

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